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Stamp Duty

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Paul Jackson

Posted on:
20/06/16 12:55
Subject: Stamp Duty


I have a property that is tenanted and has been since October 2015. Prior to that I lived in the property since I purchased it in March 2012.

In August 2015 I moved in my with partner at her home. She sold this property in January 2016 and we currently live in rented, joint names on the tenancy. We are looking at purchasing and have had different advice from different parties about whether or not we would fall into the new 3% second home Stamp Duty bracket or not? The HMRC website is not particularly helpful..

Kind regards

Posted on:
20/06/16 14:44
Subject: RE: Stamp Duty

As long as the property was your main residence when you lived there you will be ok if you buy a new main residence before 27 November, 2018.

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