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Jane Marks

Posted on:
24/06/16 17:04
Subject: sdlt

A has BTL properties.

A moves in with B and marries him they live together in B's property in his sole name.

B sells the property and they purchase a larger home in joint names.

Please advise if the exemption of replacing main residence will come into effect.

Posted on:
27/06/16 11:58
Subject: RE: sdlt

Yes this will be ok. Are you worried about para 2(3) which applies the tests to each spouse and A did not own the home being sold? If so I think you will be ok because para 3(6)(b) refers to the purchaser or their spouse selling the old dwelling.
Jane Marks

Posted on:
27/06/16 14:49
Subject: RE: sdlt

Many thanks.

Kind regards

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