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Transfer of Equity

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James Lowery

Posted on:
21/04/17 15:07
Subject: Transfer of Equity

Can anyone clarify the SDLT liability regarding title splitting properties as part of a remortgage process?

ie One property - 2 houses on site - mortgage on whole (say 500k) - transferred A to A and B for no consideration then Transfers of Part for each individual property done from A and B back to A - both properties mortgaged for 250k to pay off the existing mortgage.

Would there be any difference if it was a building where A transfers to Company then leases are done of 2 flats?
Patrick Cannon

Posted on:
30/05/17 16:53
Subject: RE: Transfer of Equity

James, if you can achieve this by transferring the title to A and B as bare trustees for A and back again to A as beneficial owner then no SDLT will arise.

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